Why Solar Power?

As the demand of energy is rising as well as the electricity tariffs are increasing and will continue to do so, for many years to come – ESKOM has already announced an annually increase of 8% for the next four years – companies are looking for alternatives to keep their costs down and therefore their business competitive.

Out of that and because South Africa has one of the highest solar irradiations worldwide, it is only logical consequence to use this inexhaustible free source of energy – the sun will never send you an electricity bill for the benefit of your business.

Solar power will reduce the energy cost of your company, from the moment of installation, and will also help your company to get a green footprint as your carbon emission will also be reduced by using clean energy.

Using solar power will not only have an positive impact on your public image, as the COČ tax will become effective from January 2015, it will also reduce the costs of this tax your company is forced to pay. For example the installation of a 100 kWp PV plant will save approximately R240.000 over a period of 10 years just as a side effect.

All these facts combined with the possibility of public funding and rebates from ESKOM, make it an easy decision to go “green” and install a PV plant for your company's benefit as well as for a clean environment for our children in the future.

Irradiation  Energy Cost