Why Solar Power

Most house owners are tired of the steady increasing electricity costs and are looking for reliable alternatives as well as for a possibility to cope with - from ESKOM announced - electricity failures and load shedding.

Out of that and because South Africa has one of the highest solar irradiations worldwide, it is only a logical consequence to use this inexhaustible free source of energy – the sun will never send you an electricity bill - for your benefit.

Never the less if you are only looking for a possibility to reduce your electricity costs and freeze them on a certain rate like 0,59 R/kWh for the next 20 years (only electricity produced by your own plant) or if you want to become more or less independent from the public grid (up to 95%), a solar PV plant will help you to realize your intention.

Your residential Solar System could be ground mounted or a rooftop installation that ensures a basic supply of electricity while day time and must not be connected to the public power grid therefore the most isolated houses in most desolate regions can be supplied with electrical power.

As an add on we can also implement a battery system for your night time electricity consumption to make you more or less independent.

On the other hand with a photovoltaic system as a long term solution of 25 years and even more you will add rising value to your property and will contribute to a clean environment for our and our children future.