Step to your new Photovoltaic System

After making up your mind to go for a PV plant and become your own electricity supplier, you get in contact with African Sun Energy and we make arrangements for a first site visit with one of our colleagues.

At this appointment we will, get an idea and evaluate the demand of electricity you need. Therefore we need at least the electricity bills of the last twelve months, or better a load profile of your power consumption.

We will check the existing rooftop areas and / or usable ground areas on your property. We will also ask you for information about the structure and load weight of the usable roof areas.

Back in office, this information will be analyzed and a first plant design and layout will be done by our technical staff in Germany.

 At a second meeting we will inform you about the possible size and kind of your new PV plant.

We will show you your savings out of different calculation models and simulations of the performance of your plant.

After your decision to give us the order for your PV plant and the signature of the contract documents, we will have a third site meeting – technical audit – evaluate additional facts like existing feeding points, voltage level, position of DB boards, generators and so on. If necessary a load profile will be measured by us to get proper information about your electricity consumption. Out of this information the final plant design and layout will be evaluated.

Next step is to start work on your site, African Sun Energy and its subcontractor will build your new PV plant on your premises. Once installed and commissioned we will hand over your complete and running PV plant to you, and you become your own electricity supplier.


Take into Consideration:

a) What kind of roof do you have?

b) How much roof space is required?

c) How much electricity do you need?

d) What is the payback period or use of a 2nd house bond on your property.

e) What size system do you need and will it handle all your needs?

f) How much electricity will my system produce?


Residential Solar Installation