Solar Options

Once one has made the decision to install a solar power plant he faces the challenge to find the most suitable system for your needs.

At latest here you need a specialist like African Sun Energy on your side to guide and help you to get the best value for your money.

Depending on your electricity consumption and the size of the useable space which can be used for the PV system we will design and engineer a suitable and profitable PV system for you.

Out of the variety of possible solutions like Island System, Grid – Tie System, with or without battery storage or even a Multi - Hybrid System with backup generator we will evaluate the best performing PV system for you.

Types of installations

a) Rooftop system if your roof space is sufficient and a load weight of at least 25 kg/m can be installed.

b) Fix ground mounted system if you have sufficient space available.

c) Installation of a solar photovoltaic carport.

d) Battery System – 95 % independent with a backup battery pack for night and peak time.

Off the Grid Solar System   Grid Solar System
Off the Grid Solar System   Grid Solar System
  Setup of Residential Solar System