Solar Options

Photovoltaic Plants

We can do the layout and installation of photovoltaic plants customised on demand, ensuring an excellent quality for ground mounted or rooftop installations for a PV power plant, commercial and industrial buildings, agricultural farms as well as residential off grid energy using battery backup, taking your needs for installation in consideration for the best price in the market as the energy demands increases every day due to the high energy demand in South Africa.

 African Sun Energy will give you a solar solution for any size installation in South Africa and neighbouring countries for the best price possible. Our expertise gives you significant value with low risk and a degree of confidence in your installation and experience you can depend on. Depending on the subsidies and rebates you get,  it can be paid off in less than four to five years from the day of commissioning your photovoltaic plant.


Ground Mounted Solar System   Rooftop mounted solar system
Ground Mounted Solar System   Rooftop Mounted Solar System
  Carport Solar System  
  Carport Solar System