Important Information you should know about Solar


Kilowatt peak - the unit that defines the capacity of the PV installation, e.g.  PV installation of 1kw/peak produces approximately 1700-1800 kw hours per year.

Kilowatt hour - Energy generated over an hour.

Questions Ask? 

How does a photovoltaic system work?

The panels installed on your roof absorb the sun rays reflected from the sun. The DC electricity generated through the panels then goes to a installed inverter converting AC electricity that generates a house /factory. All the excess power generated with your system can then be stored into a battery bank for night time use.  

The efficiency of your photovoltaic system. 

The photovoltaic installation will still generate efficient DC electricity on a cloudy day although direct sunlight will draw the most energy for the best efficiency. 

Power Failure 

In the event of a grid failure your system will automatically switch off as a protection preventing that your generated energy do not enter the Eskom grid and by means of a breaker automatically will turn on your photovoltaic system to supply energy to your home via inverter or your battery bank.

At night time?

The photovoltaic system need to absorb energy from the sun. So by night time you can automatically switch to the Eskom grid or make use from your installed battery bank. 

How much energy will I need?

This all depends on your daily consumption that then will determine the size of your photovoltaic system. 

How will the Solar System work with the Eskom grid ?

By daytime only will your system generate electricity with a change over switch you will automatically switch to the Eskom grid by night time. The local Municipality will still take a monthly reading for your account and that will only show energy used by night time. 

The photovoltaic system does it need batteries?

For households its more convenient to have a battery bank installed with your system because you can store all excess electricity that’s generated during the day into the battery bank and use that during night time or power failures. Without a battery pack installed you will buy electricity from Eskom by night time.  


We will assist, but will be the liability of the owner to insure the system.

Lifespan of a solar panel ?

Manufactures warranty of 25 years but will last much longer with less efficiency on the panel.